Flexibility during confinement


It’s 2020 BC (before confinement) and companies are using localized infrastructure. Company data
can be accessed through in-house mechanisms and all critical information is stored in the office
server room. For some, there was no reliance on internet connection to access information and the buzz from the server room is comforting. Life was better then, wasn’t it?

Fast forward to the present and an unwelcomed reality check shows a changed world. COVID-19 has
restricted access to our corner offices and company data. This new reality has been detrimental to
many companies as they struggle to set up new inhouse servers’ protocols. Such infrastructures were
never intended for emergencies like these, resulting in loss of data and efficiency.
These new realities have opened our eyes to a needed change and a “new normal”. The idea of a
“new normal” scares many traditional companies. Understandably, change and the unknown is
intimidating, but it’s important to keep in mind that “new” does not necessarily mean bad. In fact, it
seems evident that in such a confusing time with many drastic changes, a company needs to adapt
and create a new constant. We propose that cloud computing should be this constant. By making use
of cloud software such as Financial Force, companies will have the ability to implement new systems
that are efficient in managing important data correctly and quickly in an emergency.
We suggest that organizations invest in cloud services such as Financial Force. This investment will
not only help employees navigate operations and tasks efficiently during times of uncertainty and
confinement but will bring productivity and long-term profitability. Those that moved company data to
the cloud before, have found that the change has now more than ever before been validated in a big

Accounting departments have maintained cost-effective workflows despite confinement through the Cloudteam Company Match App which allows them to process financial information instantly. Human
resource departments have been able to keep their heads above water by making use of the Cloudteam Company time off app which helps managers register and track absence & sick leave claims.

In this COVID-19 reality, the need for flexibility and scaling is prominent and that is something
Cloudteam Company and the FinancialForce platform can offer you. We understand that the server room
approach once made sense and was normal. But the world is making less sense with each day of
confinement and so it’s clear that old standards must adapt and a new normal must be implemented.
Cloudteam Company urges you to come out of this confinement with better infrastructure