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Expense by SalesTrip

It is very typical for a company’s life blood to be stored in their CRM platform, this is where

employees spend most of their day whether it be updating Opportunities, looking after
clients or managing pipeline campaigns and events.

From a financial perspective a lot of business decisions derive from the data that is kept
in it to understand current and predicted revenue, company growth and customer

Travel and Expense on the other hand is generally a company’s 2nd largest cost outlay
after Payroll, but it is something that has not typically been associated with revenue.

Salestrip is unique in that we are the only Travel and Expense platform built on the
Salesforce platform, allowing clients to associate Travel and Expense spend against
any Salesforce Object. This provides benefits across the entire business;

End User

● Everything in one place & on a single platform – Salesforce
● No need to learn a new system
● Visibility into business spend
● OCR to make it quick and easy – less than 10 seconds to read a receipt
wherever you are.
● A profile that drives off Salesforce data – the system knows where you are
going and why.



● Visibility into Team spend and profitability
● Understanding of project and billable spend
● Quick and easy to view and approve expenses


● Maximising Domestic and International VAT
● Visibility into all CRM and Travel & Expense data

○ T&E spend compared to budget/revenue
○ T&E budgets
○ Billable vs nonbillable
○ Cost of Customer Acquisition & Life-Time Value- “How much it has
cost to win, deliver, and maintain each project/customer/event?

● Policy Management
● Quick and easy processing
● Easy integration into 3rd party business systems


Client Case: Boris and CloudTeam Company


Interview with Boris

Topic of interest: Obtaining an

innovative result in a short time period

  • What do you do?
    • We help companies to solve their software development problems, including capacity issues, in a structural and reliable manner with the best developers at a fair price.
  • What was the situation, what did you want to achieve and where did you want to go?
    • We wanted to help Cloudteam Company by providing remote software developers. While we were ascertaining information to be able to help, we ran up to a problem, in the professional world of time scheduling. Cloudteam Company needed to go through a hustle to schedule their time, they wanted to do something about it and Boris’s blockchain knowledge could really come to good use.
  • What did you and Cloudteam Company collaborate on?
    • We joined forces to work on a pioneering tool that will help professionals enormously in the future!
  • What was the approach of Cloudteam Company? Why was this approach chosen?
    • Used an agile way of working so that we could jointly achieve the desired result with small steps
  • What has this approach brought you? Did you achieve the desired result?
    • The approach has allowed us to develop a working POC together, which will enter the market soon. We expect great things!
  • Why did you choose Cloudteam Company, what appealed to you? How did your decision making process go?
    • Cloudteam Company is very professional with an enormous amount of knowledge, the lines are short and contact is very pleasant
  • How was the collaboration?
    • Very good, it is great to see two companies with so much knowlegde develop a beautiful POC
  • Would you recommend Cloudteam Company to others?
    • Yes! There is no doubt about it!