Now anyone can harness the power of Lightning to build and deploy powerful apps. With a full suite of tools for admins, developers, and business users, building apps that automate complex business processes is faster and easier than ever before. Even complex business processes can be easily automated, streamlined, and simplified with apps for any department, any role, and any size of business.

Apps help you automate common processes like project management, quality control, and software license management — so that you can focus on innovation. Manage even the most complex marketing programs — everything from conferences and live events to advertising campaign management — and get real-time results, right on your phone. Transform employee engagement by delivering personalized experiences to empower employees, and provide the data and insights organizations need to attract, manage, and retain the best and brightest talent.

Add on functionality

During implementation you might get great ideas, insights or enhancements ideas. Sometimes this leads to additional functionality required, which we can create as custom build software on the Salesforce platform. Fast and accurate!

New business applications

Cloudteam is your one-stop shop for building, running, managing, and optimizing apps using the same technology and expertise that makes Salesforce a great success. Using the services included in the App Cloud – Force, Lightning, Heroku, and Thunder – We can build any kind of app for you, and connect it to all your systems, faster than ever.

Rebuilding existing software

Today every company is in the app business. Apps are where your customers meet your brand. Where your employees connect with each other. Where business processes are streamlined, automated, and mobilized across the enterprise. We have rebuild successfully ‘Upswing’ for one of your clients. Having the rebuild application now running on the Salesforce platform provides functionalities and localisation out of the box, therefore making International sales possible!

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