“We are home working alongside our kids, in unsuitable spaces, with no choice and no in-office days… this will create a productivity disaster for firms”
– Nicholas Bloom from Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.

If you follow us on Instagram you might have seen that we recently posted some stories with personal tips on how to survive isolation. As a team we decided we would each post our tips and tricks to help others in our field and simply those that are adapting to the new normal

We know you’ve probably read many of these articles before and THEY ALL SAY THE SAME THING. So, what can we say that is any different? Well… we have searched the internet far and wide, gathered all the data and created a survival guide for you. We guarantee that this is the last “Tips for isolation” article you will ever read.  We’ve even thrown in a little “To do” template that will help you stay on track and remind you of our tips!

Social tips:

  • Maintain social and physical boundaries
    • You need to make sure you get dressed, not for lounging but for work. Brush your teeth, put on your casual Friday work clothes on and set up your desk as it looked in the office. These physical and social indicators will mentally show you that you have transitioned from “home you” to “work you”
    • Be mindful of your colleagues
      • So many of us are facing challenges in integrating childcare etc into our regular work hours. Just like our very own Stefen (link to linkedin post) it is challenging to balance colleagues needs with family needs. Be aware that your colleagues may be faced with new challenges, so they may not be able to answer as quickly as they used to. Set up specific times with your colleagues where you know they will be available to answer all emails and when they won’t be. This will you save you potential annoyance and them lower stress levels.
    • Learn, learn and then learn some more
      • The internet provides vast amounts of learning opportunities that could easily make you feel overwhelmed! But, one way in which you can combine both relaxing learning new things and work is to watch webinars. Companies are releasing webinars everyday, here at CloudTeam  Company we are too. We would love to engage with you and discuss Cloud ERP topics with you in our latest webinar!
    • Engagement is crucial
      • It is certain that in order to get through this survival phase is consistent communication. Its crucial to communicate with your colleagues as well as others in the field. We constantly keep up with our partners through emails, WhatsApp and social media such as Instagram and LinkedIn

Mental tips:

  • Self-care is not just the latest buzzword
    • If you don’t take care of yourself how can you take care of others? Check in on yourself just as you would with others. Find the activities that make you feel great and make sure that you keep at least one of them in your daily to do list
  • Ask for help when you need it
    • Don’t hesitate to seek help when you need it! It could be either seeking for help in your professional or personal life. Asking your colleagues for help when you need to postpone a deadline or not isn’t bad, it’s just human. Practice to speak out when you need to.
  • Continue having your Friday drinks with colleagues
    • Zoom isn’t just for meetings you know but also for occasions where you can just chat and have fun. At Cloudteam Company we have these drinks with some pub quizzes as well! Click here to for some inspiration for your next pub quiz
  • Ask others how they are
    • We have weekly check-ins scheduled every Friday to make sure we are all ok and up to date. This really helps morale as the check in includes almost the whole company. It helps us feel more like a team and not alone in these strange times. Highly recommended!

Work tips:

  • Maintain a regular break pattern
    • Keep a diary that will allow you to try and take a quick break at 11 am and 3pm, whether it’s a quick walk outside, yoga or even just taking a break from the screen. If you don’t practice this you will quickly come to realize that an entire day can pass without even leaving the screen
    • Listen to music or find some silence
      • At the office we sometimes listen to some music together, although it quickly becomes known that not everyone has the same taste in music. Personally, for me I enjoy some piano music in the background but some of my colleagues enjoy white noise. Find a playlist that helps you get in the zone and block out the rest of the world.
      • Working from bed is nice, we know. But you risk not separating work from relaxing. Before you may have thought of your bed as a place to relax and rest but by bringing in work and potential stress, that peace will soon disappear.
    • Use our to do list
      • Many people swear by using to do lists, it allows us to maintain our progress and even feel good when we tick something off. We’ve provided a free download of a to do list template with key reminders for you!