Clientcase B2B Appway & Cloudteam Company

Can you introduce yourself, please?

I’m Mark Morris, the Salesforce solution owner here at Appway. I led the customer side of the ERP implementation.

Prior to Appway, I spent 6 years in professional services at FinancialForce, culminating in the global practice manager role for Financial management systems.

As the Salesforce solution owner, I perform a hybrid role as an architect, developer, administrator, and product owner, depending on the business needs.

What kind of company is Appway, and what are you doing at Appway?

Headquartered in Switzerland with offices worldwide, Appway’s award-winning software suite serves over 510,000 users worldwide. More than 225 institutions rely on Appway to improve internal efficiencies, engage customers across all channels, and keep ahead of regulations. Appway provides Financial Services businesses automated workflows across people, systems, and data – delivering what they need to get the job done and provide exceptional experiences at every touchpoint. The Appway Platform allows organizations to automate and orchestrate processes and data that underpin customer journeys, revolutionizing the customer experience and driving real digital transformation across boundaries.

What were the issues at Appway before you started working with the FinancialForce system?

  • Appway needed to drive a higher standardization of contract terms in our sales contracts to maximize a standard accounting treatment.
  • A desire to move to a different, more robust, ERP system.
  • A need to harmonize the accounting treatment of all the entities, moving to IFRS for the whole group.
  • A need to increase visibility, automation, and analytics for professional services and the wider business.

What did you want to achieve with the implementation of FinancialForce?

  • To run the Appway business on a single, secure, and scalable platform that’s easy to customize and upgrade without anything breaking.
  • To automated billing and revenue recognition across software and services revenue streams to comply with IFRS.
  • To replace the incumbent ERP and spreadsheets with a single platform solution incorporating the following modules to address specific business needs: 
    • FinancialForce PSA for project and services management connected with related financials .
    • Expensify integrated with PSA to deliver a leading multi-currency expense management user experience.
    • FinancialForce SCM integrated with PSA for a seamless subcontractor and standard procurement experience.
    • CTC time off and absence management application integrated with PSA to create a unified view of resource capacity, request and approve time off, and deliver HR reports and dashboards.
    • CTC invoice scanning integrated with SCM for a seamless payable invoice experience and three-way match experience.
    • FinancialForce billing central integrating with Salesforce CRM and FinancialForce accounting to deliver seamless software billing.
    • Financial for revenue management over multiple revenue streams to comply with IFRS and forecast software and services revenues .
    • FinancialForce accounting and fixed assets applications to manage and consolidate 8 legal entities worldwide.
    • PSA and FMS Einstein analytics augmenting the Salesforce and FinancialForce reporting to deliver industry-standard Saas analytics.
    • A customized document management solution to ensure contracts, statements of work, and other key documents are visible across multiple Salesforce objects and ensure they are always available to internal stakeholders when they are required.

How did the implementation of FinancialForce benefit Appway?

Integrating with OKTA enabled Appway to utilize Salesforce single sign-on and automate the creation of new and existing users using the native Salesforce security model.

With FinancialForce ERP and PSA natively connected to Salesforce CRM, Appway now has an automated, end-to-end cloud solution to manage purchase orders, billing, approval processes, and more. With the Salesforce platform at the core, everyone can easily track everything from lead generation to project and software billing with financial reporting and analytics on top.

Using a single unified data model Appway can report on data anywhere in the lead to cash or procure to pay process delivering real-time reporting and analytics to speed up business decision making.

What was Cloudteam Company’s contribution with the implementation of FinancialForce?

Cloudteam was instrumental in delivering a big bang implementation of FinancialForce ERP into the existing Appway Salesforce landscape. Furthermore, Cloudteam was able to integrate the Salesforce and FinancialForce applications using coded and declarative customizations to ensure the delivery of a harmonious ERP system.

Finally, can you tell something about the collaboration with Cloudteam Company and how they, as an implementation partner of FinancialForce, guided this process?

With any software projects, there are ups and downs. Cloudteam remained professional and adaptable throughout the process to maintain a healthy relationship through presales, delivery, go-live, support, and ongoing development. Moreover, Cloudteam swarmed and collaborated with the Appway team throughout the whole project journey. Cloudteam Company was instrumental in defining the data model to ensure key reporting dimensions are captured and mapped between objects to ensure successful reporting and analytics.