Einstein analytics

about this webinar

Intelligent, predictive, and actionable insights.

Your business has captured more structured and unstructured data about your customers and financial trends than any human, spreadsheet, or traditional analytics tool could realistically process. Turn that valuable data into action with FinancialForce Analytics. Use pre-built dashboards and fine-tuned data to keep your operations running lean, consistent, and predictive. Tackle your most pressing challenges with confidence and exceed customer expectations.

Join the next CloudTeam Company webinar, experience the power of Einstein Analytics and learn how FinancialForce Business Analytics powered by Einstein Analytics can benefit your organization.

A few examples of benefits from customers who already use Financialforce Business Analytics:

  • Productivity increase in resourcing and project management of +25%
  • Productivity increase in Accounting and Billing of +40%
  • 30% decrease in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • + $280K Incremental Revenue per 100 Consultants with just 1% Increase in Billable Utilization

Einstein Analytics increases business users productivity by 31%!