Automated Payable Invoices and PO Processing

may 28th 09.30-10.00 CET

The perfect webinar for FinancialForce users or companies considering implementing FinancialForce on the Salesforce platform needing a procurement solution integrated with Payable Invoice Scan (PISA)

Presented by Cloudteam Company with multiple years of experience delivering cloud solutions to various sectors.

How the PO – PISA integration works:

  • Is an easy and fast way for companies to track and record its payables

  • Helps to track and match the quantities, prices, and purchase orders receipt with the invoice.

  • Improves the workload.

  • Prevents mismatchings and unbalances of inventory.

Learn how this new solution will facilitate the matching of the invoices with the purchase orders, how to run the process including approval flows and payable invoice records. 

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