Webinar Einstein Analytics

Join Cloudteam Company and learn how FinancialForce Einstein Analytics can back your office.

FinancialForce added an analytics layer to its Accounting ancd Professional Services Automation product to help its users find better insights in their back-office applications.

Watch our Webinar featuring Einstein Analytics Dashboards for FinancialForce Professional Services Automation and Accounting. See how you can leverage the power of Salesforce CRM, Platform, and Einstein Analytics to gain unprecedented visibility into your business across sales, services delivery, and finance. Learn how to keep projects on time, customers happy and reports up to date–all on one integrated platform.

Forecasting powered by Einstein:

  • Forecast pipeline and unscheduled backlog based on delivery schedules
  • Combine project & oppertunity forecast at every business level
  • Capture multiple forecast versions for comparison
  • Create different forecast scenarios
  • Deliver the most from projects with augment intelligence (AI)

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