Webinar Human Resource on the Salesforce platform

Join Cloudteam Company to discover how easy it is to unlock the power of Human Resource Management in Salesforce.

Cloudteam Company is leading the charge in the unification of products on the Salesforce Platform, join our webinar for an exclusive look at the new way for Human Resources and Professional Services to unite and share information.

In this webinar, we will show you how to create a new employee in the fantastic Mployee HR system and how this automatically creates an active FinancialForce Project Resource, creates schedules, work calendars and can even create expenses accounts in FinancialForce Accounting.

As a leading Professional Services organisation, we understand from first-hand experience that managing time off and absences in multiple systems is challenging, however, with the Cloudteam Connectors bundle we will show you how to solve this problem using FinancialForce Projects and Mployee HR. Using Mployee’s Self Service functionality your employees can manage all of their time off requests be that Holidays or Sickness, each connected system will then update automatically by adding dates to planners, removing resources from schedulers and as this reacts dynamically to Salesforce’s approval processes this can all be done in real time and visible on all related dashboards and reports.