webinar project management solution

With the tech world expanding, companies are dealing with larger projects than ever before, and they need the right tools to manage them. Companies need to be able to visualize an entire project from beginning to end. With detailed charts and graphs and real-time data, your project managers will have the opportunity to excel at their work. By switching your teams to project management on Salesforce, you can manage all of the resources, finances, people and customers that are involved with your project – all from one place.

Learning how to manage projects on Salesforce brings your team together and simplifies project management. With the combination of the right resource management applications and Salesforce integration, your organization will be able to manage projects more efficiently than ever before.

Where does this combination exist, you ask? The FinancialForce PSA app, built natively on the Salesforce platform, breaks down project resources by region, group, project, and also allows users to schedule those resources.

FinancialForce is building apps natively on Salesforce to put the customer at the center of project management, to bring your teams closer together, and in the end, provide the best value to your clients.