webinar spend management

The perfect webinar for Financialforce users or companies considering implementing Financialforce on the salesforce platform needing a spend management solution on the same integrated platform.

Presented by Cloudteam Company with multiple years of experience delivering cloud solutions to various sector.

How the Spend management App

  • Helps bring spend management on to the salesforce platform rather than having multiple systems or spreadsheets.
  • Helps companies control and manage spend.
  • Helps to track spend thorough automated workflows.
  • Improves visibility over spend.
  • Improves control and auditability via approval flows, reporting etc.

Find out how the Spend management gives management more control over spend, allowing them to track spend via reporting and control via approval flows, also more visibility via reporting.

Learn how the spend management on the salesforce platform  (software in the cloud), enables your employees to work with any mobile device. And how IT maintenance and total cost of ownership costs are drastically reduced.